How to have successful conversations

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Successful conversations are central to agile teams. As it states in the Agile manifesto:

“Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”

With this emphasis it is no surprise that many of the agile approaches adopted by teams today focus on enabling successful conversations:

User Stories –  “3 C’s – Card, Conversation, Confirmation.” Ron Jeffries

Behaviour Driven Development(BDD) “The single most important part of BDD is the conversation.” Liz Keogh

Three Amigos –  “Conversations between the team to gain a shared understanding.”

Conversations are hard!


The problem is good, valuable conversations are incredibly hard to have. Most of the teams i’ve worked with have found it difficult to have successful conversations. In some ways i think thats why so many teams “Doing BDD” jump straight to the tooling. It’s so much easier to write some feature files on your own rather than actually have a conversation.

We all spend most of our lives dodging difficult…

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